I went to Metropolis Asia 2018

In November 2018 I had the privilege to display my artworks at Metropolis Asia. Its an Urban Winter Festival held every year in India, and last year it was celebrated in the beautiful city of Shillong, Meghalaya, and thats when I went. I've never been outside of Assam before and this was the first time that I had the chance to explore the environment I wasn't familiar with. So, it was not just an art exhibition for me, it was also travelling. Metropolis Asia had been very kind and generous to me, really supportive to all artists, and they even offered me a stall for my exhibits till the last day of the event, without any charges. I mean...what else could you ask for?

Art & Craft section #MetropolisAsia

So this is what a part of the inside of the entrance looks like. There were two venues where different shows were to be held, one at the State Central Library and another at the All Saints Hall. My place was at the library where the Art & Craft section was, and most of the art events. There were art installations, live paintings, cosplay shows etc. and I was in luck that I could see them all.

An Art Installation in Metropolis Asia 2018 #TheEarthConnect

Sharing some of the pictures I took in my phone.

5-min interview in Metropolis Asia 2018

I stood up there as an 18 year old Fan Artist from Assam. I took all of my celeb drawings, wasn't sure if anything would sell, but was happy that more people could then see my work because of that platform I was given. And I wasn't on my own there. I went with my sister and her friend who have helped me in ways more than I could ask for. The people who came to see my exhibition were super supportive and encouraging. It wasn't just like "You are good in drawing portraits". It was more like "Do you have Justin Bieber? Do you have Shawn Mendes?". Like, that was the ground needed for Fan Artists. In my place back in Jorhat people didn't actually know who I drew except the youth, don't really watch Hollywood television, and here like moms say to you, "Oh that guy from the Twilight movie! My daughter used to watch that". So it was a very different experience for me. There was the love for Fan Art, not just the art.

It was a 3-day event (22nd, 23rd, 24th), and I had the 3 best days of 2018 in my life. If possibly another chance comes, I want to join again. And if you live nearby and you are an Artist you should definitely come be a part of this too : )

So thats all for my first ever blog, thank you, have a nice day!

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